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Chris Holowatyj is an experienced Brand Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of success working in the restaurant industry. He is also skilled in Web Design, Advertising, Adobe CS, SMM and SEO. Chris is a strong marketing professional with proven experience in building brands and developing exceptional customer experiences.

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The Better Software Company Website (

We're excited to announce the launch of one of our latest client projects: This new website for The Better Software Company will be a great tool for our client to take their sales process to the next level.

When we were approached by The Better Software Company to redevelop their existing website, we couldn't help but get excited about the prospect of using our skills to deliver a significant, noticeable improvement on their existing website that will help them to achieve even greater success.

One of our client's struggles was that of page loading speeds. The time it was taking between page renderings was too long and it was seriously impacting the user experience. While not all of our clients have websites that are photo-heavy, we wanted to tackle one of the largest problems with large photos. We used this opportunity to completely redesign our photo asset management on our platform in many ways:

  1. Adopt a CDN specifically for high performance media
  2. Use picture elements wherever possible
  3. Implement lazy initialization
  4. Move background images in site-level CSS to page-level code
  5. Implement source image compression
  6. Implement next-gen image formats

Simply put, a web user's experience of a website is often based on a series of unspoken rules, defined by the user experience associated with the web's most popular and successful websites. UX design is an important…

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