About Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Web Design Services

Ottawa is a bustling metropolitan area boasting the nation's capital and a thriving hub of social ventures and startups. While our business is not directly located in Ottawa, we still design websites for Ottawa area businesses and charitable organizations.

Why Charitable Ventures Matter

Making sure that your business is giving back to the community is an important aspect of making Canada an even greater country. You don't have to look far to see examples of companies devoid of ethics who seem to put profits over the priorities of people. Keddy & Associates is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, and devoting some of our time and resources to provide our professional services to charitable organizations effecting lasting positive change in their communities is something we're very proud of. It just so happens that a large number of Canada's leading-edge charitable ventures call Ottawa home too.

Our Clients Do Business in Ottawa Too

We have some incredible clients that we are truly and sincerely honoured to build websites and other marketing content for, and they each bring something special to the community as well.

Why Do Business With Keddy & Associates?

Not only have we developed a proprietary web development environment on top of the MODx CMS that enables us to deliver enterprise-grade web design services to our clients in Bradford at rates you can actually afford, but we also understand the community, it's nuances and it's business environment. We have a passion for attention to detail and delivering over and above the expectations of our clients. Bradford businesses rely on Keddy & Associates for the web design services that propel their brand forward.