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We get it. You are incredibly busy building your business. When clients are calling, posting to social media can often be one of the last things on your mind. But when you finally finish tending to all the needs of your existing clients, your sales funnel is empty and money dries up quickly. By investing in a social media marketing service, you are ensuring that there are always potential clients being introduced to your brand for the first time and those prospects that haven't converted yet are being reminded that your business is a great choice for their future patronage.

We'll setup a plan for your social media content, mapping out themes and topics that match the landing pages on your website for maximum impact. As your contracted posts are published on your social media channels, you'll start to notice stead growth of your follower base on social media. Whether you rely exclusively on the social media content we generate for you, or you supplement it with your own social media prowess, your social media queue will be filled with scheduled content that is engaging, successful, and that improves the online visibility of your brand.

4 Simple Plans. 1 Perfect Fit.

    • Basic

    • $75 monthly

    • $65 per month*

      • Save $120 a year!
      • 15x Social Media Posts
      • Dedicated Content Specialist
      • $25 Ad Budget Included
      • CC0 Photography1
      • 3 Social Media Channels
      • -
      • -
    • Get Started
    • *Billed as $780 annually

      Taxes extra

    • Standard

    • $140 monthly

    • $120 per month*

      • Save $240 a year!
      • 30x Social Media Posts
      • Dedicated Content Specialist
      • $50 Ad Budget Included
      • CC0 Photography1
      • 4 Social Channels
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Branded Photography2
      • -
    • Get Started
    • *Billed as $1,440 annually

      Taxes extra

    • Advanced

    • $275 monthly

    • $235 per month*

      • Save $480 a year!
      • 60x Social Media Posts
      • Dedicated Content Specialist
      • $100 Ad Budget Included
      • CC0 Photography1
      • 6 Social Channels
      • Weekly Reporting
      • Branded Photography2
      • 12x Curated Posts3
      • Logo Retouching4
      • K&A Service Discounts5
    • Get Started
    • *Billed as $2,820 annually

      Taxes extra

1Creative Commons Zero (CC0) Photography

There is some amazing photography out there on the internet, and some of it is licensed as CC0, which is a standard licensing format where the user of the content does not have to attribute the content used to the author - You can use it whichever way you like, in the manner that you decide. For all of our plans, we use CC0 Photography exclusively, pairing the best of free-license photography with the themes and topics we determine are most suitable for your brand's digital marketing strategy.

2Branded Photography

Making sure your company's branding is always at the forefront of your customer's experience with your content, we'll brand each photo asset with your branding in a way that is not overly-commercialized but still delivers the brand impressions key to developing the repeated exposure to your brand that converts visitors into customers. Consumers in the market today are very sensitive to overtly commercialized content and have grown to subconsciously ignore content they perceive to be invasive advertising. Our use of your branding elements will strike the subtle tone that consumers will still engage with while promoting the brand awareness that your company needs.

3Curated Posts

Mining social media for content to be shared from other social accounts takes time and a dedicated team of social media professionals to find relevant, in-the-moment content that reflects your brand's values intent and interests. Curated Posts brings together multiple mediums and types of posts, consolidating the top content from social media within the niche of your business, and sharing it with your social media following. This service is available as part of Premium and Advanced packages.

4Branding/Logo Retouching

Not all brands have a fully-developed, well-designed branding package, so as a part of our Premium and Advanced plans, we'll also take on the role of retouching your logo to make sure it is the highest representation of your brand's concept. Convering pixelated logos to vector format, adding slight dropshadows behind the logo to make it appear as if it is emerging from the photography, and colour correcting photography that doesn't allow the branding elements to merge seamlessly with the content are all examples of the non-destructive branding retouches we'll make to ensure your social content is of the highest quality.

5Keddy & Associates Additional Service Discounts

Communicating our continued appreciation of all our clients is one things that we've been getting really good at. For our Advanced Social Media Marketing Clients, we want to give an extra special thank you, by extending exclusive discounts on some of our other services. Advanced Social Media Marketing clients receive 25% off on all Web Development Services, 25% off all Printed Marketing Products, and 50% off all Logo & Graphic Design Services!

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