Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Most web development agencies like to carve out SEO as a separate service from their web design services. Why would an agency develop an unoptimized website in the first place? Doesn't that seem a little counter-intuitive? That's what we think, and it's why we include Search Engine Optimization as part of our Web Design / Web Hosting client experience. When you hire Keddy & Associates to design and manage your website, we do just that - we manage it; SEO included!

The website. The whole website. And nothing but the website. That's how we feel about Search Engine Optimization. We need a clean start to implement our high-powered optimization tools because the optimization services we perform cut deep into the programming of our clients' websites. We're not greedy - we just cannot implement high-performance SEO implementations on anything but our own platform - and that requires a Web Design and (fully-managed) Web Hosting bundle.

  • Integrated Programming

    Our team programs every project for seamless content delivery, peak-performance-minded experience, and high search visibility.

  • Integrated Social

    Even the smallest of details, like Favicons, Facebook Share Links, Sitemaps and Twitter Cards are automatically implemented.

  • Integrated Visuals

    Delivering the fastest, most-responsive user experience requires finely-tuned and highly-optimized professional art direction.

  • Integrated Context

    We are experts at what we do and we have a proven track record delivering to all our web clients enterprise-level features!

SEO is part of our Web Design Offerings

Search Engine Optimization is one of those bundled services that already comes with any Web Design service we provide, and we wouldn't have it any other way! It wouldn't make sense for us to spend a whole bunch of extra time navigating a foreign platform when we have a fully-optimized platform purpuse-built for Performance, SEO and Analytics. Learn more by clicking the button below.