Our Marketing Analytics Services

Cutting through all of the data a website's logs can provide you can be quite tedious. With services like Google Analytics (analytics.google.com), however, a lot of functionality has been created to track and analyze how users interact with your website. A lot of web designers won't necessarily design your website with analytics in mind. When designing your website, be sure that your designer is developing the structure of your website in such a way that makes it easy to discern how users experience your website and in such a way that enables you to uderstand whether or not users are engaging in a positive way.

One of the ways that we make sure that our clients are getting the best results from their website, is by designing their website to produce meaningful Google Analytics data. We do this by separating out meaningful content into separate pages, avoiding the use of flash and animations to serve the content of the webpage, and by using structured data to enhance the results we see in Google Analytics. Understanding and segmenting the results from different marketing campaigns should be a focus when looking at your Google Analytics data, and if your web designer or marketing agency cannot give you meaningful segmented data, then your website is never going to live up to your expectations because there is essentially no way of proving it works for your business.

We also use tools like HotJar (hotjar.com) and FullStory (fullstory.com) that collect anonymous user interaction data like button clicks, scrolling and mouse movements. All of this user interaction data is culminated into Recorded Sessions and Heatmaps, both of which give us the insights we need to make sure that your website not only looks amazing, but performs spectacularly too. When developing a website, it is important for you to not only consider the visual aesthetic, but to also consider how intuitive your website is. If visitors like the way your website works but don't know how to interact with it, then your conversion of visitors to customers is going to be extremely low.

  • Visualize Everything

    We help create the necessary analytical context that informs the direction of your most important marketing decisions.

  • Capture Everything

    Our strategy is to focus on capturing the data necessary to deliver only the highest optimized customer experience.

  • Compare Everything

    Benchmarking is the only way to understand the progress you've made, and we set benchmark goals for every client KPI.

  • Assume Nothing.

    The greatest possible marketing achievements come from unlocking your expectations and daring to dream outside of the box.

Marketing Analytics is part of our Web Design Offerings

Marketing Analytics is one of those bundled services that already comes with any Web Design service we provide, and we wouldn't have it any other way! It wouldn't make sense for us to spend a whole bunch of extra time navigating a foreign platform when we have a fully-optimized platform purpuse-built for Performance, SEO and Analytics. Learn more by clicking the button below.