Our Logo Design Services

Your logo(s) are what customers remember most about your brand. They form subconscious opinions about your brand before ever experiencing it, simply from the quality of the branding your company uses. What does your company stand for? What values does it portray to consumers? What is your primary consumer market? All of these questions inform the design of your logo and branding package. Use the wrong fonts, the wrong colours, or the wrong design style, and your potential customers might be getting the wrong message about who you are and what you stand for!

  • Energizing Customers

    Crafting the perfect company logo means designing with our client's customers in mind. Our logo designs help customers chose our clients.

  • Professional Aesthetic

    If you want your customers to place trust in your brand, then your logo and branding package must always communicate trustworthiness.

  • Risk Aversion

    What's the true cost of a poorly-designed logo on your brand? Avoid the risk by enlisting the services of an experienced design agency.

  • Polymorphic Use

    We don't just design a single version of your logo. We design a package of logos for varied uses so you can promote your brand anywhere!

What to Expect with Keddy & Associates

How Pricing Works

Logo Design projects are one of the few graphic design services that we do offer in specific packages, based on your company's risk-based environment and the volume of deliverables requested. For the majority of logo design projects, there won't be a Client Agreement, however, for larger projects this may sometimes be the case. If for any reason we fail to live up to the terms of the Client Agreement, you're covered by our Service Pricing Guarantee. Due to the nature of logo design - being that we are often creating visual elements from scratch as opposed to relying on existing source materials - there may not be as much negotiation room in the pricing of our logo design packages as you may experience with other graphic design services we offer.

Risk-Based Pricing

The end result of every logo design project involves some sort of risk being taken by a business, which at the end of the day is why marketing costs can vary so greatly. The risk of you choosing an agency that delivers a branding package that doesn't effectively represent your company to the public factors into the pricing of every project. Clients pay a premium for Keddy & Associates to market their business because when marketing your company determines the ultimate success or failure of your business, We Deliver. Without Exception. If you're paying less for your logo and branding projects, you're taking a greater risk that the final result won't be exactly what your business needs to succeed. It's that simple.

Risk-Based Pricing also means different things for different businesses. A small "mom-and-pop" shop has a different level of risk associated with marketing assets than does a multi-national conglomerate whose branding might appear on millions of dollars worth of merchandise and is quite costly to replace should it be determined that the design is flawed. In this way, the value of a marketing project is intrinsically linked to the scale and environment of the client business.

Standard Project Deposit

For all projects that have a Logo & Branding Design component, you'll often be asked for a nominal deposit on the services being requested, to make sure that we can cover any costs incurred on your behalf as we work on your project. Depending on the billing status of your account, the required deposit could range anywhere from 25% to 50%. If your project requires a Client Agreement as well, then we will require both a fully-executed Client Agreement and receipt of deposit funds before we proceed with your project.

Our Service Pricing Guarantee

Part of the reason our clients choose Keddy & Associates is the predictability you can expect from our billing. The price we talk about during your complementary consultation with our sales team is the same price that you'll receive a bill for when the project is done or throughout the payment plan we arranged for your account. If the scope hasn't changed but we failed to properly quote our services to you that's our fault not yours, and we take full responsibility for that by assuming any additional costs. Most services under $2500 qualify for our Service Pricing Guarantee, which covers the majority of our services. If your project billing exceeds $2500, then reach out to your account representative to discuss our commitment to predictable billing practices, and how we might resolve pricing for large-scale custom projects.

Getting Started with Keddy & Associates

1. Discovery Call (30 minutes)

When it comes to logo and branding design projects, clients often already have a pretty good idea of the final use cases for their branding package, and most businesses use their branding packages in very similar ways. At Keddy & Associates, we take great pride in providing our services only to businesses and organizations that demonstrate a positive impact on the world around them. Profits matter in business, but not at the expense of social responsibility and positive community engagement.

We also believe in providing the right services to the right businesses at the right time. For Keddy & Associates, this means walking through your entire marketing strategy, determining what your business goals are and where your potential weaknesses may be, and supporting your business by removing those weaknesses from your marketing workload. If we don't think a particular service is right for your business, we're not going to try and sell it to you. If we know of a better match for your needs that doesn't involve Keddy & Associates, we'll point you in that direction!

2. Consultation (15-45 minutes)

During our complementary consultation, we'll have an in-depth discussion about the proposed project, how Keddy & Associates can help, and what the format of the final result will look like. We'll cover as much or as little information as you want, because we also believe in being transparent and informative. The more you as a client know about the process we are undertaking for your business, the better prepared you are to engage in the process and ask us the right questions and to guide us toward the best result for your company.

3. Pricing Negotiation

In most cases, we have a pretty good understanding of what our costs are going to be for a given graphic design project and in the case of Logo Design this is especially the case. If you require our services on a rush-basis and we need to clear other projects from our calendar to provide such a timely service, please contact us for a custom quote on your logo design needs. While we're not sitting here lining our pockets, we can, in some rare cases, find alternative ways to deliver the necessary services to our clients in ways that allow us to stretch the standard pricing model to accommodate clients in financial need.

We encourage any clients who feel that the price quoted is outside of their financial capabilities to reach out to us to negotiate a solution that both parties can be proud of.

4. Deposit / Client Agreement

We don't normally write up Client Agreements for small logo design projects under $1000 (which is the majority of our logo design projects). When we don't write up a Client Agreement, we'll almost always require a nominal deposit of 50%, due before we begin work on the project, and the balance due upon delivery.

When a deposit is required for a project, we will usually not begin work until the deposit is received. We allocate staff and resorces as soon as a deposit is received, and it is for this reason that if a project is not completed successfully we may be required to retain a portion of the deposit indefinitely. We always strive to deliver a positive result on every project, but we also understand that on occassion, businesses may be faced with adverse circumstances that require them to cancel a project. Your deposit also ensures that we are ready for you when it comes time to pursue your next project!

5. Work Begins

With all logo and branding design projects, we'll outline approximately how long we estimate it will take for us to complete your requested design, and we'll allocate time for any requested revisions you may have. Unless specifically identified in a Client Agreement (CA) or Service Level Agreement (SLA), these estimates are not binding. Just like any other small business, we experience growing pains too! We will, however, do our best to ensure that you are kept informed as to the ongoing status of your project. If we determine that it is necessary to get your feedback mid-project or we find that we've missed collecting a valuable piece of the reference work being used to create content for you, then taking a long time to respond to our request may also slow down progress on your project.

6. Work is Complete

The "deliverables" will include the final visual renderings of all visual elements (photos, sketches, infographics, etc) created for your project, and do not automatically include the "working files" - those proprietary files we use to create those final visual elements unless explicitly included in your logo design package. As an agency, we purchase utility licenses for products that are not licensed for resale to individual clients, and it is for this reason that it is rare to receive original drawing files for any commissioned works unless at a premium rate. All that being said, we do try out best to make sure that you have final deliverables that are functional and meet a wide range of uses and a variety of your existing needs.

7. Review & Analysis

At the end of every logo design project, we're going to ask you how we did. Was your experience a positive one? Did we live up to all of your expectations? What could we do to improve in the future? Ultimately, people don't buy from businesses, people buy from people, and we, as people, aren't perfect - though we strive to be. Your valuable feedback means that we as a business can grow and continue to deliver only the highest quality of service.

Logo Design is one of our Custom Offerings

Every Logo Design project is different dependant on the subject business and the specific needs of that business. Let's put together a quote that is just right for your business.

Our Logo Design Portfolio

You wouldn't expect us to forget showing you all the work we're proud of would you? For a complete look at all that we have done, (not just in Logo Design) check out our Complete Portfolio! If you're thinking only about Logo Design right now, check out our complete Logo Design Portfolio below!