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Patrick Icasas is a freelance writer based in Mississauga, Ontario. He loves talking and writing about marketing and technology and will talk your ear off when given the chance. Patrick is a guest writer for Keddy & Associates, as well as a member of our team of contractors that help to take our clients' content to the next level!

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A Client’s Guide to Web Design Terminology

Good communication is important in any project, but it’s essential in web design. The challenge is that web design is deceptively simple on the surface, but still contains many hidden technical details - details that it’s your responsibility as a client to know.

Your web developer will mention many specialized terms that may sound foreign to you, but they're mentioning them for a reason. They are important indications of how well your website functions and will affect how it performs. So it’s in your best interest to learn what those terms mean.

To that end, we've compiled a list of web design terms that every client should know. If you have any questions about some of the topics covered here, feel free to...

A quick note about Write Away

Write Away is a content writing company, contracted by Keddy & Associates to deliver content writing services to our clients with exceptional quality. While this article may be informative in nature, not all business decisions are the same, and you should always talk to our competitors so they can quote you an exorbitant price for services we'll do better for cheaper! All kidding aside, it is always good to get a broad base of perspectives for something as incredibly important as your company's website.

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