The world is full of experts in their field. Finding them isn't the hard part - having the discipline to listen to them is.

You don't have to spend long on the internet before you discover half a dozen opportunities to distract you and throw off your concentration. Within a marketplace where seemingly everyone has a voice that needs to be heard, who do you listen to? You listen to those who your trusted confidantes trust. These are the people we entrust with the power to shape our blog through their contributions.

Contributing to Our Blog at Keddy & Associates

Patrick Icasas

Owner at Write Away

Patrick Icasas is a freelance writer based in Mississauga, Ontario. He loves talking and writing about marketing and technology and will talk your ear off when given the chance. Patrick is a guest writer for Keddy & Associates, as well as a member of our team of contractors that help to take our clients' content to the next level!