Listen up Toronto - there's a new king of Web Design in town. Keddy & Associates is paving the way for small and medium-sized businesses to compete globally with world-class websites that go toe-to-toe with the big guys. We are not going to waste your time trying to sell you on a dozen or so services, we only want to do one simple thing for you - design your website. In Toronto, there are dozens of marketing agencies, so why hire us over all the others? We are not going to put your website in a corner and deal with it only when it becomes a nuisance, we are going to make it our primary focus.

We treat your website for what it is - your biggest marketing asset. Customers will visit your website at a time of their choosing and will judge your business based on what they see without you ever knowing they were there. Their experience needs to be flawless every time. Otherwise, your website is not doing what it does best! A lot of businesses spend very little time thinking about the impact their website has on their business, and some too even forget that their website speaks for them at all times of day, on every day of the week and weekend, and never takes a vacation. Being able to leverage the power that a well-designed website can have on your marketing efforts is essential to competitive business in today's market.

At Keddy & Associates, we specialize in web design. Anything that comes in contact with your website - we do it. We are not going to sell you on a service unless it directly impacts your ability to market yourself online. Why? Today's consumers demand only the highest quality of user experience from companies they are loyal to. The internet is deeply entrenched in the future of marketing, and it requires devotion to truly capture every opportunity to connect with consumers in this fast-paced and ever-changing world we find ourselves in.

Making a Lasting Impression

Toronto has become one of the world's leading cities for start-up ventures and is a hive for new technology companies pushing to make their mark on the Canadian market.

Cutting through all of today’s marketing noise (and let’s face it, it is mostly noise at this point, as culturally most people tune themselves out when they think they are being marketed to) especially in a fast-paced city like Toronto can be a challenge. A challenge matched only by web design superheroes! Oh wait, those don’t exist. While we don’t adorn capes to our regular board meetings (because we learned that capes are dangerous by watching The Incredibles, of course) we are highly invested in making sure our clients succeed in their online presence goals - after all, we put our love and care into each project, and each is a reflection of our creativity and inspiration.

We believe completely in immersing ourselves in your company culture, diving deep into what makes your business tick, and making sure that your website reflects the best of your company’s intentions. It is this dedication to cohesive branding that makes us so successful. Your brand has a story to tell, and we look first at what that story is, how it best creates an emotional impact on your target market, and ensure that our designs implement that connection.

Brands that make sense sell more products (I just saw a girl wearing Ferrari headphones on the TTC - um, what?). Companies that can make an emotional connection with their customers sell more of their services. In Toronto, we’ll help you do both. Communicating your brand is what we do best, and we understand Toronto because we live and breathe Toronto!

Making a lasting impression in today’s business world is easier said than done, but regardless, making a lasting impression is key to every brand's success and those who fail to make a lasting emotional connection with their customers, simply fail.

Here are our top three considerations for making a lasting impression with your clients and customers:

1. Position your company as a shareable brand

The best asset that you have to spread the words about your brand is happy customers and staff. By keeping the focus of your social media marketing efforts on creating and posting content that inspires people to share it on their social accounts helps your biggest fans to promote your brand for you with the biggest impact!

As an example, for restaurants, this could mean a focus on stunning professional-quality photography, uniquely paired with some marketing verbiage and subtle branding. This communicates what your restaurant's menu is all about, and ever so subtly tells the viewer, "this is where to get this awesome looking food". Why spend so much money on forcing your brand into people's minds, when your loyal customers and fans will share your content organically, which studies have shown to be more effective!

2. Position your company as one that cares about its customers

You can tell which companies care about their customers because these companies directly engage their customers on social media, and respond to their complaints and inquiries both privately and publically. In the case of the hospitality industry, the success of a business can often hinge on the public perception displayed on social review sites like Yelp (, TripAdvisor (, and others. Businesses that make their customers a priority will respond to all their customer reviews on social media and social review sites; both the good and the bad.

When responding to customers publically, remember that you're not just speaking to the specific customer in question, you're also communicating indirectly with any potential customer who might stumble upon your interactions with other customers online. Even if you are writing a public response to a fake review or to someone who genuinely visited your website but made completely false claims about their experience, make sure that you keep a calm tone in your response for two main reasons: (1) Not everyone is going to receive the message the same way it was intended; and (2) Not everyone reading the reviews of your business is going to know automatically that the poster is making false claims (especially if they are reading reviews to determine whether or not they will visit your business for the first time, and are thus not customers well-versed in your business experience).

3. Position your company as one that cares for its employees

Corporate Social Responsibility is the new trend in the marketplace. Now that customers have in some cases dozens of options when choosing a company with which to place their loyalty, creating a valuable product or service just doesn't cut it anymore. Customers need to know that there is a social benefit to their patronage of your company. Being able to share the positivity of the office work environment is one way that companies accomplish this.

Everybody loves supporting genuinely good people, so being able to share philanthropic endeavours that your staff are engaged in or that your company organizes can go a long way to building an even stronger bond with your customers. Even though you are not offering your customer any additional benefit, they see the added benefit in supporting businesses that will do their part to support the needs of the community.

Sometimes not doing something is also just as important. In this case, not getting your company caught up in an expensive employee abuse or harassment scandal is one way to do good by not doing something. To achieve this example, set strict policies for abuse and harassment prevention, and carefully share your company's commitment to safe and positive work environments for all staff. No one will buy your product if they think it's made by overworked and underpaid employees who hate their company.

Final Thoughts

If there is something that marketers in-the-know understand about the current cultural climate, it’s that increased globalization and the flood of brand choices in the market are now pushing consumer loyalty trends towards companies that are socially responsible and operate with a focus on ethics and empowerment. If your website doesn't reflect your company's socially-responsible culture, maybe it should, and if you agree, we can help with that!

Chris Holowatyj

Senior Managing Partner at Keddy & Associates

Chris Holowatyj works with local small businesses across Ontario to develop powerful digital marketing strategies that SMBs can actually afford. While focusing on web development as a core area of expertise, Chris also combines his industry knowledge surrounding all things technology - be it Social Media or Graphic Design - to help take small businesses to the next level!

A quick note about Keddy & Associates

Keddy & Associates is a digital marketing agency based in Bradford Ontario, delivering on world-class web design projects at affordable pricing. Keddy & Associates employs a dynamic website templating architecture while customizing end products to meet the specific needs of clients, taking the best of modern web design concepts and conventions, and putting them directly within financial reach of small and medium-sized businesses. Keddy & Associates also develops projects on a less-than-cost basis with not-for-profit organizations, supporting their core values of People, Planet, Profit, through corporate social responsibility commitments and policies. While this article may be informative in nature, not all business decisions are the same, and you should always talk to our competitors so they can quote you an exorbitant price for services we'll do better for cheaper! All kidding aside, it is always good to get a broad base of perspectives for something as incredibly important as your company's website.

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