5 Ways User Experience Matters to Your Website

User experience (UX) is something most business owners don't consider when making their website but is a significant part of its online success. Your website is the centrepiece of your digital presence, so it has to convey your brand's best possible representation.

You'll have to make hard decisions about what information to prioritize and how to present it. Some UX principles (like keeping a clean layout) might go against your instinct to splash as many sales promos and callouts as possible onto the page. Other UX principles (like using small font sizes and multiple banners) are outdated and need to be stripped in favour of modern design trends.

It takes time and effort to build - or rebuild - a website to give...

24 NOV 2017

4 Powerful Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Have you ever wondered, "Should my business have a blog?", "Why are blogs so powerful?", or "Will a blog really help my website?" The truth of the matter is, blogs have become an integral part of the marketing landscape. But I don't read blogs...

16 OCT 2017

4 Channels of Website Traffic You Need to Master for Website Success

The best thing any new business owner can do when marketing their new business is to condense all of their ideas into core channels of activity - four to be precise. Master these four channels in your business, and your success will be...