Pay It Forward Promo (February 2018)

At Keddy & Associates, we firmly believe there is a better version of this world that can be realized if only more businesses engaged in affecting true positive change in their communities. When we all consider social responsibility as an aspect of business performance, stronger communities support stronger businesses. But we're not just floating meaningless platitudes, we're putting our money where our mouth is.

Stronger communities support stronger businesses

That's why we're looking for the next charity that truly needs and deserves a stunning website to support their growth in accomplishing their mission of empowering their local community. If you know of such an organization that doesn't currently have a website but desperately needs one, post a comment below and nominate them!

Keddy & Associates is committed to empowering community organizations that empower others to affect change in their every day lives. That's why we *LOVE* organizations like Kaleidoscope of Hope ( who do amazing work raising funds to support youth mental health initiatives in the Ottawa area. Ottawa organizations fighting to raise awareness about addiction and substance abuse crisis amongst the youth population of the Ottawa community desperately need funds.

Know a local charity that needs a website? Let us know below!

Kaleidoscope of Hope has been there for over 7 years planning and organizing charity fundraiser events to support these truly inspiring organizations so they can continue to do amazing work. That's why we donated our services and expertise to provide them with a stunning rebrand of their online presence, and are actively continuing to provide consultation on key aspects of their online marketing strategy.

If you know of a similar organization that could continue to expand their reach with a brand-new website, your nomination below could mean their organization is able to expand on their work and provide support to their local community in an even greater capacity. We hope that you will share this opportunity with anyone who will listen, because it is sadly not often enough that businesses are giving such substantial opportunities to organizations in need - for free no less.

Even if you don't know of a charity that could a use a free website from Keddy & Associates, when you share this post with others, we get closer to finding the next deserving charity who can be positively impacted by our donation!

Update (March 8, 2018)

After receiving just three nominations in February, we have decided that we certainly have the means to help all three nominated charities. That's why we've decided to offer our services pro-bono to all thre organizations nominated, provided that they wish to take advantage of our offer!

Little Heroes Comics ( is a UK-based charity creating joy in the lives of children battling serious diseases by distributing comic making kits to children through hospitals and health care organizations. A true inspiration to all who aspire to make a positive impact in the world, and nomination we are honoured to accept, Little Heroes Comics embodies the core values that our organization stives to support with our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Say NO for NICK (website pending) is an Ottawa Ontario based organization fighting to raise awareness about the growing opioid epidemic facing todays youth. Borne out of the tragic death of Nick Cody, who died at the young age of just 18 from a pill laced with Fentanyl, the Cody's story hightights the growing disparity between the addictional and mental health services that today's youth desperately need, and what is currently available. We are honoured to accept the Cody family's request for our experience in building impactful web experiences to deliver on their marketing needs.

The Helping Hand Food Bank ( is a Bradford Ontario based charity serving the needs of Bradford's most vulerable residents, providing needed groceries to those in need who are struggling to make ends meet. Being able to support local charities that are creating postive change in the world is something we take great pride in, and we would be honoured to help them in their mission by providing our services pro-bono should they be interested.